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Trail Head Lodge_NOBO326.5

The THL is a contemporary lodge with a basement bunkhouse and private (2)/semi-private rooms. We are an ideal respite for Zero Day single and 6-10 group hikers. Families doing section hiking will find us fabulous due to the amenities of our mountain village community. We provide an innkeeper on-site support services (trailhead p/u and drop, refit runs and communal meals) for additional fees. Contact Info: Doug Orman, Proprietor The Trail Head Lodge, Location: 35.948154//-82.504782 (FarOut) 101 Sarvis Lane (Wolf Laurel Community--http://wolflaurelcommunity.com) Mars Hill, NC 912-665-4820 (Primary/Mobile/Text) 727-231-5553 (VOIP)