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Videos to Motivate and Inspire

Ah, the list continues. If you can't watch a movie or read a book right now, or maybe you just need some instant inspiration, you can binge these videos for inspiration. Here's some of our favorites.

This video may have taken 1st place for my most watched video for inspiration. I still get chills when watching it.

This was a close second. A very feel-good video.

This video is filled with excellent shots. Another motivating video.

This is probably one of the most fun videos I've seen. It also has some spectacular footage. You can't watch this and not feel inspired.

Well, uh, this is a shameless plug. It's my video...but I've been told it is inspiring!

This is only a small sampling of videos and we know there are loads more. If you've got a recommendation for one, please let us know at hikerfeed@gmail.com.

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