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Movies to Motivate and Inspire

Books are one way to get yourself hyped, inspired, and motivated about your upcoming hike. But if they're not your thing, fret not, there are loads of movies, documentaries, and videos you can binge until you're on the trail. Here's some of our favorites.

The Long Start to The Journey

This documentary follows Chris Gallaway as he attempts his AT thru-hike. I had a chance to see an early screening of this at Trail Days the year I hiked. It is exceptional. I now own a copy on DVD.

The AT Experience

This documentary follows Reptar on his 2015 (my year!) thru-hike on the AT. It's another excellent film that gets you hyped and helps you feel all the feels all over again when giving it a watch after hiking. And you might see a few seconds of a really really ridiculously good looking hiker at the beginning.

Mile... Mile and a Half

This isn't about the AT, but it's very inspiring and relatable. Not to mention, the cinematography is stunning.


Again, it's not the Appalachian Trail, but it's motivating and relatable nonetheless.

The Way

Sure, still not about the AT, but the culture around this trail is similar and I found myself relating on many points. That aside, it's a great movie!

This is only a small sampling of movies and we know there are loads more. If you've got a recommendation for one, please let us know at hikerfeed@gmail.com.

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