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Day 18.... a mantra: Diet Coke, burger and fries... Diet Coke, burger and fries...

Day 18.... a mantra: Diet Coke, burger and fries... Diet Coke, burger and fries...

a_ourso Mar 30th, 2021
a_ourso's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Mile 185.9 to mile 207.0

Nike and I woke up early- we knew we had 5sh more miles of deep snow walking and Spirit told us to count on 5+ hours before we were through it... we hoped we could get through as much as we could in the early morning freeze- before the sun would melt and cause slushy postholing....

We left camp at 7:15 and tried to quickly push forward... heads down we walked ... I kept thinking I am making it to my bed tonight... leaving camp - Nike had said she didn’t think she could pull over 20 miles and would probably camp - I told her I would come pick her up the next morning when she got to trailhead... I was in a zone and told her I would make it to the campground at 190.5 and wait for her for a lunch break... I was determined to get there by 11:30....

Snow... snow... more freaking up to the hips snow... we glissaded (sledding without a sled) down some parts... we lost trail and had to find our way back up.... then snow... snow... more snow... it had been beautiful a few days ago when the patches started ... now it was the bane of my existence...

We did see some fresh cougar tracks in the snow alongside Spirits tracks on the trail for a good three miles.... I began to wonder if Spirit had collected a pet.

I arrived at 11:31.... yay a picnic table and sun to dry out my wet frozen shoes and feet... Nike came a little while later and we sat for an hour ... made coffee... I gave her my fuel Canister, so she could camp (she had loaned hers to Spirit)... she held it for a second and said I am coming down too... i told her i would drag her if i had too and would keep her pace... we knew there was an in-n-out not far from the trailhead and for the rest of the day we recited in harmony - Diet Coke... burgers and fries... we discussed the pros and cons of a double double vs two singles.... we salivated over the idea of grilled onions and greasy food...

I should mention that mile 192ish to 205ish has been labeled as closed because of wildfire from last fall... I spoke with local authorities Before we went through and they said it was fine... I am not sure of the official word... but we went through ... just for any hikers following coming behind us.

Finally at mile 192.... we could take off our spikes and woohoo sand was all around... dry path...and downhill to i10.... let’s go!!! I think I was skipping with my pack for that first mile of snow free trail!

We walked... hardly stopping... constantly one foot in front of the other... sharing stories of our kids and childhoods to pass the time... the miles were still going by slow because of the mile long switchbacks... no snow... but zigzagging from 7000 ft elevation to 1000 feet elevations takes a crapload of time...

Spirit texted he had made it down...he had called Charlie and they were going to the casino for a steak dinner... wth?!?!? We were still miles from the bottom... the sun went down... headlamps came on... we walked and walked and walked... 7:15 came and went ... we had been walking for 12 hours and still had miles to go... finally at 9:25 pm we made it to the trailhead parking lot where charlie was picking us up.... 14 hours of hiking - 21 miles... the most enduring and rewarding 3 days of my life.... there was my love waiting for me and all I could mumble was burger... fries... Diet Coke...;)

I would like to mention that Nike is a rockstar... I don’t think I could of pushed myself through this section without her by my side!

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Comments (2)

Forrest Gump Apr 3rd, 2021

I can only imagine how good that In n Out tasted. Also, I’ve had several people reach out to me to say how much they love reading your posts, as do I. Thanks for sharing.

Debi Apr 2nd, 2021