Day 4: Manchester Center

Day 4: Manchester Center

Forrest Gump Aug 10th, 2020
Forrest Gump's 2020 LT Section-Hike

Mileage: 10.7

I woke this morning and hiked 10.7 miles very slow all the way to Manchester Center. My knees hurt pretty much all day so I kept taking breaks and going slow to get footage. I stopped for about 40 minutes at an overlook and had a break. I remembered coming in to Manchester Center years ago on the AT and seeing some cliffs that were right on the trail. But I didn't see them this time. There's a chance they were off on a blue blazed trail but I doubt I would've gone off to see them. Anyway, I didn’t see those same views.

I made it to the road and walked a half mile up to the Pinnacle Lodge which ended up being a very nice. I decided to give in and spend money staying at there. I got a ride into Manchester Center with Renegade and Faithful. It was so weird how much I remembered about this town just from being here briefly with Sarah all those years ago. I got some knee braces, ordered Thai food, and then went to get a minor resupply at the Price Chopper.

I came back and sat and talked with a gentleman two rooms down named Slow and Steady. We had a good chat and then I went in to FaceTime my mom since it was her birthday.

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