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3-27; Day 25- Trail legs

3-27; Day 25- Trail legs

Jack Finlay Mar 27th, 2021
Jack Finlay's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

Tonight I am in hogback ridge shelter at mile 317.8 in between Hot springs, North Carolina and Erwin, Tennessee and. After Gatlinburg we hiked the rest of the Smoky’s. The Smoky’s were my favourite part of the trail so far. Charlie’s bunion(pictured above) was spectacular as we caught it on a clear day. I drank a beer and ate lunch as I enjoyed the view. The day we went up Clingmans dome which is the highest point on the trail(pictured above), there was a storm and it snowed leaving the trail looking very pretty. I felt like I had earned my “Smoky’s badge” after dealing with with the bad weather.

I left my trail family four days ago to move at a faster past. I hiked with them for two weeks and had formed bonds with them so it was tough to say good bye. In particular, formerly mentioned YouTube sensation @meandering.meganb aka happy thoughts and I had grown close. I will miss her bubbly personality and cheerful attitude. Hiking in my trail family was fun and added a social side to hiking. After I said my good byes, I hiked my first twenty mile day. The day after that I did 13 miles into hot springs, North Carolina making it into town around lunchtime. I inhaled chicken tenders, a large meatball sub, and a large chocolate milkshake, I officially have “hiker hunger”. Hot Springs is a friendly village nestled in the mountains, the Appalachian Trail runs through the center of the town. Coming out of hot springs was a challenging hike, I felt fresh coming out of town and made it 27 miles crossing the 300 mile mark. The trail was flooded(pictured above) so I had to wade through water for the first time. Today I hiked 16 miles and hiked the last five miles in thunder and lightning. I feel strong and I have my “trail legs” now, which usually takes 300 miles to achieve.

My friend Ryan who was my roommate my first year of college is coming to join me for a while on Tuesday. I will meet him in Erwin, Tennessee in three days.

All my miles per day are up to date now under the distance tab.

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Comments (5)

sharonfitz Apr 3rd, 2021

jack i just got on to see how you are doing . a great brave adventure . a trip you will treasure forever . keep writing ❤️❤️

John Finlay Apr 2nd, 2021

Fantastic to read your latest update Jack!! So great to read about your adventure and your progress. congrats on passing the 300 mile mark and getting your trail legs. Must’ve been tough leaving your trail family and Megan after the great days that you all spent together. Hope you and Ryan are going strong! Keep the updates and stories and photographs coming Jack, you’re living and creating incredible life memories every day. Write it all down when you can, for us but mostly for yourself!! Keep her lit my son 👊🏼❤️ Dad xo

MichelleHennessy1 Apr 2nd, 2021

Hi jack you are doing great , it’s so interesting reading about your adventures!! Keep the stories coming! Michelle x

eabhafinlay Apr 1st, 2021

300 miles🎉🎉🎉🎉 post more pictures like this! it’s nice to see where you’re hiking

Sinead Mar 30th, 2021

Lord save us but I am so glad you neglected to tell me about the snow and the wading through cold water- how do you even dry off after that? Hopefully you will meet up with your trail family again, especially as you were so close to meandering Megan... So great to read your updates Jack, keep them coming! Mumxxx