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Day 20

Day 20

Wayback Mar 25th, 2021
Wayback's 2021 AZT Thru-Hike

From Summerhaven, we headed down to Oracle. There was a bit of snow at the higher elevations, mostly on the north-facing slopes, but easier going than the approach to Summerhaven. In Oracle we stayed at El Ranch Robles, a very cool place used for retreats, etc. Beautiful grounds and friendly staff. We parted ways with Ticktock here, since he had a job and a real life to get back to. That leaves Navigator, Afterburner, and yours truly. After Oracle, we camped the first night at Mountain View tank. Lots of water, and a nice camp site. Next day, we topped off water at Beehive Well, where there were a couple of ducks swimming in the tank. We camped that night at about mile 239. The next day, we got water at the cow trough at mile 251.9 and continued to Kearney. We couldn’t get an answer from the hotel, so we called the pizza place and they came to get us. Jody also helped us get someone to check us in at the hotel. Apparently the hotel staff doesn’t really work weekends. The after hours person who checked us in kinda rushed things and I forgot to ask for my resupply box. So I had to wait unti after 10 AM to get it. The hotel owner, however, gave us a friendly ride back to the trailhead. Nice folks, just try not show up on a Sunday night. With the late start we got to a camp site at about mile 276, with easy access to the Gila River for water. The next day we climbed away from the river to camp at about Mike 293, just as the rain started. It was a very rainy night with a fair amount of wind, but we all held up fine. Even me under my tarp. The next day, the trail wasn’t as muddy as I feared it would be after the rain. We made good time to Picketpost trailhead, where Afterburner’s mother picked us up. Now hunkered down in Superior with Navigator while Afterburner is in Phoenix arranging his resupply for the rest of the trail.

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Tick-Tock Mar 27th, 2021

Thanks for bringing me along for the ride, Wayback! I’ll be watching out for you.