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Day 3 - 17 miles

Day 3 - 17 miles

Tim Davis Mar 22nd, 2021
Tim Davis's 2021 AZT Thru-Hike

The morning started out cold with some water frozen in their bottles. Had to warm up the gas canister before it would work as well.

Perfectly sunny day today but steady 25 knot winds. I was nursing some blisters today so kept it pretty slow for the first half of the hike.

There were some small pools of water around mile 7, the next water would be 14 miles at camp. This would be a cow pond which didn’t look too bad, but you basically have to get muddy to scoop some water.

There was another source about 2 miles later that a hiker recommend I just go there for water & camp. So I pushed it to there chasing sunset the whole way. Found the well, but it’s solar powered and the sun had already dipped behind some hills. Thankfully there were some pools notes on Guthook just a 1/4 mile further.

Hiking in AZ largely depends one where you’re next water is. Oh, and the blisters. Well, they got much worse even after being taped up today. Will drain them in the morning and retape them.

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