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Day 2 - 14 miles

Day 2 - 14 miles

Tim Davis Mar 21st, 2021
Tim Davis's 2021 AZT Thru-Hike

Today was much more enjoyable on the trail. The trail went mostly downhill leaving the Miller Peak wilderness.

The next good water source was 14 miles away so that was the goal for today.

There was bit of water one of the creekbegs. But hardly enough to dip me hat in, much less trying till up a bag of water to filter. There were some windmills with water tanks, but both were dry as can be.

The trail really flattens out on your way towards Parker Canyon Lake, so mails passed by pretty quickly.

I have a few blisters that popped up today. Was wishing for a lighter pack too, going to see what I can ship back from Patagonia to lighten up a bit.

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