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The Best Kind of Trail Angel

The Best Kind of Trail Angel

Hawaii Fast Mar 20th, 2021
Hawaii Fast's 2021 AZT Thru-Hike

Is someone who serves the hikers because they love the hiking community. Such was the case with Purple Angel in Superior, who since 2018 has been hosting Arizona Trail hikers in her home for neros and zeros.

Hailing from Minnesota, her home was an incredibly warm, instantly at ease homebase for two nights and a day. Immediately upon retrieving us at Picket Post Trailhead, 7 AM Friday morning, we knew Purple Angel was going to be great. At her home already were five hikers doing a mix of hikes in different directions. Breakfast was ready for all but the eggs. So while Purple Angel got busy in the kitchen, we got cranking on charging devices, showering and loading laundry. The breakfast ended up being a little bit of scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, coffee, and a variety of this-and-that snacks.

A hot shower after several days of sun-baked sweaty hiking will always be simply incredible, no matter where you are in the world. Add in good breakfast with good people and put a period on that.

She was stocked with a bunch of hiker gear, clothes while washing was happening, hiker food, and just an overall way laid-back mi casa es tu casa vibe.

After a little jaunt into town for some food and beverage with the Gaggle of Guys or Pile of Dudes, as we’ve come to be known (choose what you like), it was back to the house for just some more mellow relaxing. We had decided to stay because Big Dale had a business call in the afternoon so the decision was made to stick for dinner and go to the trail head for mile or two of walking before settling into the night.

That subsequently stretched into staying overnight and for breakfast because we learned fresh blueberry muffins were on the menu. Who’s going to pass that up? So by 6:30 AM we were well on the road and by 6:45 on foot.

Right now it’s 5:25 PM and the sun is setting behind a ridge so I have to make the decision to set up camp despite waiting a half hour for the Pile of Dudes...however far back the conga line stretches. I typically hike hard, long, and don’t stop for lunches; eat on the move. Hopefully we connect tomorrow morning. Otherwise, the goal is to reach Roosevelt Lake Marina by 5 PM for dinner at the restaurant. At least that’s the last of information I had.

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Comments (6)

Hawaii Fast Mar 27th, 2021

Thanks, Mike!

Mello_in_Oside Mar 26th, 2021

Hey Jeffrey, I am now in AZ (White Mountains) and the weather was sure sketchy driving up here. Hope you managed to find shelter, or were at the lower altitudes. Honestly cannot imagine hiking and camping in the rain, sleet and a little snow up here. You are probably aware of this, but just to be sure, we got a posting from SOM that they are looking for a Retreat Manager. Paid position if you know anyone interested. Best to you my friend, Mike.

Paul Mar 26th, 2021

Hi Jeffrey, the memory is still fresh and impressionable of our time together in Superior. I send you my deepest and best wishes for your continued success on the trail. Thrive in the light of day and revel in the sweet stillness of night. IDF ~ Paul

Megaleen76 Mar 25th, 2021

How precious is this!! Everyone needs a Purple Angel! So glad you are having this adventure after all the prep, waiting, and more prep! Plus, we love your trail name!😉

Forrest Gump Mar 22nd, 2021

Man, do I know the feeling of a hot shower after long, cold, hard, and wet days. I’ll know that feeling again so soon. Sounds like you’re having an amazing time and have a decent crew out there. Glad you’ve found some community on trail. For me, that’s what it’s all about. Cheers 🍻.

Marko Mar 22nd, 2021

Thanks Jeffrey. I've been diggin following your adventure. Be safe and so glad you've met such fine peeps out there.