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Summerhaven -> Kearny

Summerhaven -> Kearny

Hawaii Fast Mar 15th, 2021
Hawaii Fast's 2021 AZT Thru-Hike

Saturday: Winter Wonderland Hiking. (The kind you don’t write to Mom about.) (The kind you laugh at after the fact.) (The kind that makes a man of boys.)

Sunday: A so nice zero in Oracle.

Monday: On trail at MM 198.25 to 223.5. A bubble camp: Big Dale, Flea Market, Swede, Shower, Turtle, Treats, The Noodleheads, Freight Train, Private Idaho, Kayla, and Sky.

Tuesday: To 251.9. Morning snow, hail, wind, and cold temps. But what great Trail Angel sourdough flapjacks with butter, homemade plum jam, and honey; with tea. It was a cold day but all indications are a warming trend is upon us.

Wednesday: A 6AM start with Big Dale, Flea Market, Swede, and Shower for the ten miles into Kearny to resupply and a St. Patrick Day drink. We tapped the pizza folks for a ride in and happily patroned. I picked up my box while the others shopped. By mid afternoon we were back on trail and pushing forward. They are headed to Superior forty miles away for the next resupply, while I am connecting with an SRF devotee in Roosevelt Lake Marina. We’ll likely circle back together for Pine.

But maybe I’ll go to Superior and connect with Paul still.

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Forrest Gump Mar 18th, 2021

We got slammed with snow here. I can only imagine what that was like to hike through. Glad you made it safely!