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Day 3

Day 3

Hawaii Fast Mar 8th, 2021
Hawaii Fast's 2021 AZT Thru-Hike

It’s day three of the Arizona Trail and I’m on a 3 mile stretch into Patagonia on regular road. It’s a bit overcast today, so far, compared to the quite hot and sunny last two days. I started at the Montezuma Pass and a pretty steep climb into the Bob Miller wilderness. I skipped Miller Peak because, well, it’s just a peak. I did hit snow the first day, which was nice. Not that I’m looking forward to a lot more snow, but it was a welcome variety. Actually, in Patagonia my resupply box has spikes in anticipation of hopefully no other snow, all the same, being prepared. I also threw in my waterproof socks, just in case.

I camped at mile 14 about 7000 feet or so in a little puka off of a dry riverbed. It was cold. Not frigid but definitely nippy. Waking up on day two it was a nice downhill for quite a while into some beautiful meadow trail and rolling hills. At mile 23 or so there was a delicious creek with crystal clear water, yeah, I still filtered, which got me to mile 31 where there was more of a pool of semi stagnant water that still tasted okay. I met two other hikers one who has recently been knighted by me as Magic Touch if he keeps it. The other fella is from Illinois and we didn’t talk too much but I’m gonna call him Illinois in my head. I might see him today in Patagonia.

I pushed off from that spot quickly and saw myself on an assent that got me winded. Magic Touch showed up unexpectedly to us both and I kept up with his good climbing high pace and he kept up with my good descending low pace. We pushed onto mile 41 or so where and we saw the water pump had good water when the sun popped out from behind the clouds. A good dinner and chill session.

This morning I pushed off at 6:15 like yesterday, and in the murky oh gray dawn made a right hand turn in the wrong direction pushing me only about a half mile off trail but nonetheless who wants to double back a mile.

So the remaining 10 miles or so since then have been a lot of rolling hills through the Coronado National Forest. I found quite a few thru hikers along the way. Some names I’ve gotten and some at not, but today in town I’m sure familiar faces will start to norm.

Observations I’m learning about this is that I really need to keep sipping on water regardless of the fact that I want to have a cache of a liter or so always in my bag. I think the last couple of nights I’ve been dehydrated to some extent going to sleep. It’s also been since Saturday at the Denver airport I took a poop. I think a combination of water retention and what type of food I am putting in my body. And on that note for those of you who have helped work on my body, Sam and Lauren, so far so good oh, can’t forget you Jamie V and Eva. Definitely my legs are adjusting and my traps are also adjusting, but howcould they not.

So today it’s a box pick up. I’m gonna swing by the grocery store and grab some citrus maybe something hearty and then haul out of town. I do like the idea of a shower, but I think I need to put in at least a week to earn that. I need to grab a garbage bag or liner because my inside liner tour and we definitely do not want anything I need to stay dry getting wet.

Update: Red Mountain Foods in Patagonia and Mandy are great hosts!

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Comments (5)

reneinmt Mar 12th, 2021

Drink your water, eat your fiber and wear your sunscreen! Happy Trails, friend. I so enjoy reading of your adventures. Take showers where you can get em'! Rene

Mello_in_Oside Mar 10th, 2021

Am impressed by your even mindedness and glad to hear you are connecting with other through hikers to make the trip more of a team event...you are not missing much on the outside world except we watched Toy Story 3 last night and had some great laughs! Stay well!

bartschtina Mar 10th, 2021

Great read! My friends who own Red Mountain foods had been reporting on Facebook the welcome influx of AZ trail hikers! Glad you got to see that great store.

Forrest Gump Mar 9th, 2021

Looks like an incredible hike so far! I think I may just have to come meet you. Also, love the nitecore. Just got one myself last week.

Tick-Tock Mar 9th, 2021

How fast is Hawaii? His voice dropped an octave as he went by me yesterday. Good luck, partner. Your Friend, Tick Tock.