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October 2, 2020 - Long Trail - Day 12 - Part 1

October 2, 2020 - Long Trail - Day 12 - Part 1

The Long Trail : Day 12 : Part 1 : 10/2/20 . The sunlight was just starting to peek into our room affectionately named “The Log Cabin”. But it was wet, dreary, and rain was falling. The thought of heading back to trail took all the joy out of a cozy moment. Tucked under a mountain of blankets, we discussed staying one more night to relax and let the rain pass. Making the decision in bed while watching it rain really wasn’t a fair fight. Within seconds, it was decided, we would take a zero day! . I was instantly giddy as Dave quietly popped downstairs to retrieve a tray with French press coffee. Sitting in bed drinking good coffee out of a mug might be what hiker dreams are made of. A little later we made our way downstairs where we were served more coffee, blueberry muffins, strawberry and yogurt parfaits, frittata, home fries, and homemade salsa. I can’t even. I was tempted to move into this place and had zero regret about staying an additional night. . The remainder of the day was spent relaxing. Think feet up, reading books, watching TV on our phone, and even creeping downstairs to watch the rain from a cozy chair in the living area. As the rain cleared, the sun started to peek out of the clouds and light up the drops of water falling from the colorful leaves. The foliage glistened in all the best ways. I found myself in a moment of overwhelming contentment. . It’s easy for me to feel guilty about a zero day or spending money on what I feel is lavish extras. But, every time I look back and remember a thru hike it’s these moments that stick out, that give the hike depth and substance. They usually mark the end of a difficult time. Whether bad weather, weary minds, or injured bodies, these places are where I find respite, healing, kindness, and the will to push on. So in case you need to hear this, don’t you dare feel guilty about rest. It’s necessary and good. I’d say it’s a prerequisite to finishing well.

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