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March 2nd, 2021

March 2nd, 2021

Jack Finlay Mar 2nd, 2021
Jack Finlay's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

Today I flew from Boston to Atlanta, flying into Hartsfield-Jackson airport which is the busiest in the world apparently. I got a good warm up for the trail by walking through the airport, going up and down the escalators for what felt like a mile and was out of breath when I finally made it to baggage claim, mostly due to the KN95 mask I was wearing (or so I hope). Tonight I am staying in a Marriott courtyard in Alpharetta which is a suburb of Atlanta. I arrived here mid afternoon which gave me enough time to go to a supermarket to buy batteries for my headlamp and food for the next three days. I also got some “southern culture” in, and stopped by the Chick Fil A across the street for dinner. Tomorrow morning is when I start my journey at Amicolola Falls state park where I will hike the 9 mile approach trail to springer mountain, the southern terminus of the trail. The last few days I’ve felt a mixture of anxiousness and excitement, but tonight I feel relaxed, now that I am here and ready to go.

Pictured above is my gear which consists of: (From left column to the right) Down jacket Merino wool Camp pants

Be free water filter and 2 1Lcollapsible water bottles Tent Merino wool camp shirt Oofos camp slides

40L mountainsmith pack Blue Food/bear bag hanging kit 2 pairs of underwear 3 pairs of darn tough merino wool socks Cooking equipment (pot, stove, bowl, spork, dish cloth) Kindle, headlamp, portable battery, headphones 250ml Flask for whiskey

15 degree Sleeping bag Sleeping pad Rain pants, rain jacket, rain gloves Hiking pants, hiking shirt

Not pictured- smartwool gloves, beanie, boots, and trekking poles

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Comments (2)

Alannahfinlay Mar 7th, 2021

Hahahah these are making me LOL

Forrest Gump Mar 4th, 2021

Love the gear shots like this! Hope your hike has started out amazing!