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October 1, 2020 - Long Trail - Day 11 - Day 2

October 1, 2020 - Long Trail - Day 11 - Day 2

The Long Trail: Day 11 : Part 2 : 10/1/20 . We were still on the beautiful ridgeline and one particular vista came with strong cell service. We took this opportunity to make a reservation at a local B&B. They would meet us at the trailhead at 2 pm, shuttle us to town to resupply, make us dinner, do our laundry and make us breakfast all before taking us to back to the trailhead. I’m pretty sure we were about to experience heaven on earth. . We made it to our meeting spot with just a few minutes to spare. Soon after we were throwing our packs in the back of a stranger’s car and moving at 50 mph instead of 2 mph. What a shift in perspective, a convenience to move so quickly but not always a fair trade. After chicken strips, resupplying, and buying fuel it was time to relax. . Back at the Inn we settled in to our new home at the charming inn. First up was washing 11 days of grime off of my body and giving away my equally dirty laundry to be done for me. It was now time to relax and eat dinner. I gingerly stepped down the creaky stairs with swollen bare feet, paint stained oversized loaner clothes, wet hair, and tired eyes. I was quite the vision for our fancy dinner. We were served a giant salad of which I had 3 servings. My body craving the vegetables it had been deprived of for almost two weeks. Next was burgers with Vermont cheddar, corn on the cob and homemade Key Lime Pie! . The music selection of excellent, the atmosphere lovely even in our contradictory attire, and I could have cried tears of joys to finally be experiencing some creature comforts. The high highs and very low lows of thru hiking are all too real. But after 163 miles, all my struggles felt well worth it as I sat and enjoyed a lovely meal to the point where no additional morsel of food could possibly cross my lips. I went to bed full, warm, and satisfied. Thru hiking will make you incredibly grateful for many simple luxuries of life but you only learn to appreciate them when you’ve given yourself ample opportunity to live without them.

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