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September 30, 2020 - Long Trail - Day 10 - Part 3

September 30, 2020 - Long Trail - Day 10 - Part 3

The Long Trail : Day 10 : Part 3 : 9/30/20 . After the long, eventful journey to the privy and back there was zero chance my soggy self was getting back in the tent. Instead, I grabbed my things, rallied Dave, and took all my gear to the empty shelter. Here we could spread out, eat, watch it rain and stay mostly dry. . For the next 3 hours we enjoyed coffee, hot breakfast, tea and more snacks. Our plan was the wait out the rain and start hiking once the rain stopped to keep ourselves and our gear mostly dry. By early afternoon we were ready to hike. This is a very late start for us but it was a welcomed way to spend a nasty day. . We spent the next several miles battling a trail turned stream. Water issues and dry sources were no longer a concern. I didn’t even check any upcoming water sources as we were walking in a constant supply. Other than soaked feet the day went by fairly uneventfully. We walked, talked, looked for the ever elusive cell phone service, and climbed up and down precarious, wet rocks. . A little before dark we found our home for the evening. We fed ourselves creamy mac n’ cheese and drifted off to sleep dreaming of town food, showers, and clean clothes that would be ours (hopefully) the following day. It had been a very unusual day, one of little routine and frustrating elements. But at the end of it I was full in all the best ways. It had been just what I needed to slow down, hike less and enjoy watching the rain with a shelter roof over my head.

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