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CDT Nobo, Start late April

CDT Nobo, Start late April

nappihappi Mar 1st, 2021
nappihappi's 2021 CDT Thru-Hike

1 March 2021 -

The CDT prep work begins! I’m currently up in Maine visiting my family and getting in some snowshoeing with my mum before I return home to San Diego. I’ve been stuck on a ship in the Arabian gulf for the past year, one of those trapped merchant mariners you may have heard about on NPR, so it’s good to see trees and be out in the woods again.

Regardless, I had planned to do the AT this year but as I read more and more about it I began to realize this the AT wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

So CDT it is. Due to being trapped in a ship I had plenty of time to go over the pros and cons and be scared by the internet fear mongers of doing the CDT as a first thru hike but I think think their fear mongering is what led me to choose it in the first place. I’ve been sailing big ships since I was 18. I’ve seen the whole world since then and now I’m 33 and ready to see America by foot.

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Comments (4)

nappihappi Mar 31st, 2021

Nice dude yeah

Forrest Gump Mar 24th, 2021

Yeah! I saw you’re starting only two days after I hit the PCT. It’ll be nice to follow along while also on trail.

nappihappi Mar 23rd, 2021

Thanks man, that’s great to hear

Forrest Gump Mar 2nd, 2021

I don't think you'll be let down at all by the CDT. I also know plenty of people who chose the CDT as their first thru-hike.