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February 23, 2021

February 23, 2021

k9pluto Feb 23rd, 2021
k9pluto's 2021 JMT Thru-Hike

My training buddy!

I have happily secured an alternate permit, Mono/Parker Pass TH. We have already hiked from Happy Valley to Tuolumne (including Half Dome) so aren’t too sad missing that. Four weeks of rejection in the rolling lottery, I thought we better grab something, and I am happy with going over Parker Pass.

Now the planning and training begins!

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Comments (3)

Forrest Gump Mar 8th, 2021

Of course! Glad you were able to win 😀

k9pluto Mar 4th, 2021

Yes it’s a crazy process. Hope there’s some solitude out there!! Thanks for the giveaway prizes!

Forrest Gump Mar 3rd, 2021

So cool that you were able to get a permit. I only tried to apply once but. I was rejected!