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June 27, 2024 - Day 40

June 27, 2024 - Day 40

jbwils Jun 27th, 2024
Mozart's 2024 PCT Thru-Hike

I slept great. The sound of the spring in the background and the shade from the trees allowed for some great sleeping. The bear came back during the night and messed around with Wing Man’s bear can. It took it about 100 yards away and was playing with it.

Mackenzie and I slept in until about 8AM and enjoyed some coffee in breakfast under the shade of the trees. Around 8:50, the bear came back. This time, it crossed over the spring and was about 5 feet from the both of us. I yelled out ‘HEY BEAR’ and threw a good sized rock at it. It ran away promptly and we took that as our sign to get moving.

The weather kept getting cooler and cooler as we walked closer and closer to the Sierra Mountains and further and further from the desert section. The morning brought us up to a mountain peak and that’s when we began a slow and steady descent down to the valley floor. The vegetation began to change along with our attitudes. The desert section was incredibly beautiful, and in the right mindset was enjoyed tremendously. BUT, we were ready to move on. The heat and long water carries were getting to us.

After descending to the valley, we stopped for a siesta and lunch by a wonderful running creek. There we met up with Dennis and Jackie, a couple from the Netherlands that Spoons and I met in Warner Springs, and enjoyed hearing about their hike so far.

After lunch and a nap, we had a 9 mile walk to Kennedy Meadows South - the official end of the desert section and the start of the High Sierra Mountains. It was a slow walk and we were anxious to get to ‘town’ which dragged it out a bit but the views were incredible… the love of the Sierra began almost immediately.

We walked by an abandoned cabin right by a running stream in the valley. Beautiful…

We finally got to the road that takes us to Grumpys - a free campsite with showers, a bar, free laundry, and loads of hikers. It’s about a 3 mile road walk which is brutal at the end of the day. We got so lucky… Tibers dad was driving by and picked us up and brought us to Grumpys. Happy days…

Mackenzie and I got to Grumpys, met up with Daniel, Fly Lord, Scoobs, Lost and Found, Balls Deep, Fully Charged, Gabagool, Rummage, Shooter, Stephen, Graffiti, Sam, Chives, Cheeky, and more that I hadn’t met before. Awesome crew and they were having their own party. We took a hint and camped far from the other tents knowing they may be a bit noisy getting in to bed.

After having a trippy patty burger with egg, avocado, bacon, and the works, we set up our tent. I forgot to mention that my blow up matress popped the other night. I patched it but it looks like it won’t last. Fingers crossed it lasts the night but nonetheless, we’re on soft sand. Zero day tomorrow.

Happy sleep..

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