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June 20, 2024 - Day 34

June 20, 2024 - Day 34

jbwils Jun 21st, 2024
Mozart's 2024 PCT Thru-Hike

Last night was a doozy… we tested out our new tent in some crazy conditions. It was dark while we were setting it up and the winds were the craziest they’ve been all trip. Long story short, we spent the night adjusting the tent and learning what NOT to do for a trekking pole tent. The wind was flapping the tent and we got maybe an hour of sleep. Still, Mackenzie was a trooper this morning. She seemed stoked to be out here.

We didn’t get rolling until around 9AM after learning more about the tent and having our coffee. We ran into Scoobs, Chives, Balls Deep, Lost and Found, Mike, Fully Charged, and the rest of the gang at our first water source and caught up on their experience of the trail since we last saw them. After catching up, we pushed a bit until lunch. The terrain and views have been the same the last three or four days - low brush, Joshua trees, and wind turbines.

After lunch, we continued our hike up hill until we reached a junction to grab some water. It was a mile walk down hill which meant we had to walk a mile back up hill with full water. Mackenzie and sarah waited at the top and we grabbed their water for them. They’ve been crushing miles with such a great attitude. Spoons and I are glad they’re on the trail with us.

After water, we began an additional climb uphill and made it to aspen trees and wonderful vistas. We’re currently camped at mile 600 exactly. Excited for some rest tonight. No wind thankfully.

Happy trails…

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Chrisfrancis556 Jun 30th, 2024

Rough night, you’ll sleep well the next day!