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May 25, 2024 - Day 8

May 25, 2024 - Day 8

jbwils May 26th, 2024
jbwils's 2024 PCT Thru-Hike

Daniel rolled into our campsite around 9:30 last night and we got to catch up with him in the morning. He seems to be doing great.

We started on our hike around 6:30 this morning knowing we had some long water carries and not so great tasting water sources. This meant we were carrying up to 4 liters which has been the most we’ve had to do so far. Didn’t seem too bad in the beginning but definitely took a long term toll on all of us. We got to camp all hurting and exhausted.

Hiked about 12 miles this morning to a water spot called ‘Mikes Place’ who seems to be a PCT thru hiker savior. He’s set up three large cisterns with water that comes out cold and clear. Leading up to the water was an amazing sequence of weather and views. Our hike today brought us up and down a mountain. Completely different terrain on one side vs. the other. We started out hiking up into a cloud that had consumed the top portion of the mountain. Once the clouds rolled through, they reveals these massive open valleys and precarious rocks throughout the landscape. Such amazing views. Found a ‘HIGH’ sign from a high voltage power line that had fallen off and threw it on the back of the pack. Gets some good laughs from folks. California loves their weed, that’s for sure.

After leaving Mikes, we had the intention of stopping 5 miles after for a rest but for whatever reason, Spoons and I kept pushing. We’re beat and are definitely going to restrategize our next long day tomorrow. Grabbed water from a spot by the campsite and nestled my bag underneath some low brush. Another cowboy camp. I’m starting to really enjoy sleeping under the stars without a tent. So thankful to be out here listening to the sounds of birds far off and a cool breeze.

Tired, blistered and bloody, we stretched for a solid hour and made what’s called a ‘ramen bomb’. Don’t bash it until you try it. Instant ramen combined with instant mash potatoes for some extra calories. Nothing tastes better. Just missing a cold beer.

Headed to Paradise Valley Cafe tomorrow. Looking forward to loading up on some food and drink. Idyllwild in two days where we’ll take our first official zero day - no miles hiked. Body needs it.

Happy sleeping…

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