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May 24, 2024 - Day 7

May 24, 2024 - Day 7

jbwils May 25th, 2024
jbwils's 2024 PCT Thru-Hike

Camping at mile 115 tonight after a short half day to rest before our three day push to Idyllwild. Woke up this morning late and didn’t get moving until around 8AM. Cowboy camped last night and ended up sleeping in a cloud. Our bags all had a decent bit of dew on them this morning so finding a spot to air out everything was a must.

Had a quick hike into Warner Springs and made it to town around 11. The scenery along the way was great and actually reminded me of the terrain and weather of Cape Cod. Chilly and overcast with rolling dunes and tall grasses. We walked through a whole cattle farm and got to see Eagle Rock, a rock formation that resembles an eagle flapping its wings. Once in Warner Springs, we stopped at their Community Center and had a place to wash some clothes and take a bucket shower. I bought this soap called Dr. Bronners and can surprisingly make clothes that have been sweated in for three straight days smell pretty good.

After knocking out some chores we walked the mile to the post office to pick up our first mailed resupply. Spoons and I were pretty convinced we overestimated the amount of food we needed but ended up having a pretty perfect amount for our carry to Idyllwild. They had a hiker box at the post office so the small things we knew we wouldn’t eat we left in the box. A hiker box is basically a leave something, take something box that has items people no longer found useful that others may. Found some decent meals in the first couple boxes earlier this trip. Should be about three days until we hit our next resupply store. They had a PCT log book at the post office and the first entry was from 1999. Spoons and I left our trail names on the book and headed to a gas station mart for some lunch. Decent selection but most importantly, they had beer so we got to enjoy some Modelo on a picnic table in the shade. Starting to think PCT stands for Pub Crawl Trail.

Walked back to the Community Center and rested for a bit while our stuff dried. Mike, Tiber, Elisa, Spoons, two individuals from the Netherlands and myself waited until around 4 to head out to our campsite around 6 miles in. Walked by a prop plane pulling a glider around this massive field with mountain vistas all around. Quite the scene. Amazing camp spot and got to enjoy a fire with the sound of a babbling brook in the background. Quite nice… 22 mile day tomorrow.

Happy trails…

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