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Day 14: Under the Overpass

Day 14: Under the Overpass

hiker.dykes May 6th, 2024
hiker.dykes's 2024 PCT Thru-Hike

Tentsite (197.2) - Tentsite (223.4) | Mileage: 26.2 + 0.2 (Looking for a tentsite)

Didn’t sleep well again Windy and loud Last week New Mexico said mountain lions chirp like birds Convinced every bird was a hungry lion

Ambitious so alarm went off at 5:30 But finally sleeping well in the light Katie let me sleep until 7 Hard to get up and get going Because terrified of the germs in Mission Creek

New spray zinc sunscreen Comes out white and foamy Katie had iridescent patches on the backs of her legs Because she didn’t rub it in

Sped down tight desert switchbacks because we’re late And want to do a big day Sweet Pea (turns out it’s spelled like the vegetable) froze his filter So offered to sell him our extra green one But he’s so far ahead So we sped Katie rolled her ankle on a rock Ate two Clif bars (out of Range) Fat rattlesnake blocking trail Doesn’t move Is it dead? Trail narrow with pokey bushes and plants Looked for poodle dog bush Because it stings Lots of purple flowers But those must be other plants Not much talking Because speed

Filled all of our water at the non-potable spigot Because of the noro in Mission Creek Only 9 liters Katie gave a bottle away to houseless woman in town Asked a man at the spigot how far he was going But he didn’t understand and just stared Practiced washing our hands Since we touched the spigot Then more sunscreen

Took the asphalt road down down Past the big pipe Through hills of cactus and yellow flowers Knees hurt because too steep And packs too heavy with water Watching freeway Lots of trucks Train goes by tiny residential community With funny houses Like out of Disneyland Who lives here?

Trail leaves asphalt for sandy dirt With big wooden trail markers with yellow hat Walking harder on soft sand Except some solid gray mud A little springy like a track Trail empties into big open wash Dead dead With rocks and brush and broken car parts Hot hot Sun is out now

Concrete underpass Surrounded by silty wash and decrepit wooden supports Looks like from dystopian video game Welcome hikers! They say Scares me a bit because taking pictures the other way Of mount San Jacinto

Mama Bear is 72 with brown hair Big gray Suburban and so much energy Brings a full spread and camp chairs Grandma style Eat potato chips and pretzels and tortilla chips and chocolate donuts and cookies and carrots But no hot dog And cucumbers too shriveled Banana too brown Red Gatorade from cooler Section buffs and pins and post cards Started 7 years ago when husband passed More joy from hikers

And then we go out from overpass Women give us more chemical water treatment Because of the virus Call mommy and hike up hill in heat Enter wind farm! Big turbines Office is like warehouse Back door open Free water bottles More scared of noro than microplastics and cancer Chat with people in shade of building Leave first Probably we won’t see them again Up up up now Good time of day because partially shaded Cliff bar and water under tree So thirsty Sweet Pea catches up Hike together up up up But they are faster than me up switchbacks Saw this in video from Airbnb But this is prettier

Down and up and down again to big river crossing Wring out socks Hopefully this water doesn’t have the virus Mountains and hillside so pretty Hard to walk on sand uphill Ground becomes pointy like pyramids and green and gray and pink and tan and yellow and burgundy Views amazing Alone and pretty plants Down and around Talk about Seattle and girlfriend and hiking Sun setting Best time of day to walk Maybe best section we’ve done Still scared but glad we didn’t skip Mission creek is pretty

Get to camp near dark Bypass because people But not so many sites at main campground so come back Pitch tent overlooking Palm Springs and valley and red blinking wind turbines and San Jacinto We came from up there? Warm and still for once Katie sets up inside I prep cold soak Great dinner Texture better Black beans and pea protein crumbles and avocado and jalepeno with crushed up chips Katie stole from lunch Sweet peanut butter for dessert Looked at map Reviews of pukes and poops I hope we are okay Probably we’re okay It’s so pretty What could hurt me

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HillSlug98239 May 16th, 2024

“More scared of noro than microplastics and cancer.” 👍🏻 I live in Washington State and I do most of my hiking in the Cascades. The area around Mike Urich cabin appears to be the source of a norovirus outbreak here last year. A friend who’s a fair weather hiker and I were planning to hike Chinook Pass to White Pass (that’s about 25 miles south of the cabin). I was going to augment my filter with chemical purification because if she got noro she’d never hike with me again. 😆😆😆