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Day 6: The Loo

Day 6: The Loo

hiker.dykes Apr 28th, 2024
hiker.dykes's 2024 PCT Thru-Hike

Tentsite (91.2) - Tentsite (109.3) | Mileage: 18.1 + 2.0 (To the Warner Springs Community Resource Center and gas station)

Got out semi early but still after almost everyone else. Passed the entire tramily and then stopped for delicious coffee protein in the big jar so we’ll have to pass them all again oops. Talked about ways to incorporate a slow morning stroll into our routine and carry the coffee protein while walking rather than sitting and chugging and walking again

Running out of sun screen. Only lasted a week even though we only do our legs and fingers and faces. Need to buy a bigger size next time

Passed the mom and daughter from the prior night and the mom said we were the cutest couple they’d ever met. They’re slow but we hope we’ll have time to talk to them later because they seem cool and unconventional (Isn’t it still the school year?)

Talked about being cute Talked about everyone being so nice to us. Does that happen to all hikers or specifically our demographic? Talked about parents and aging Talked about walking and leapfrogging people like we’re those little boys who sprint the beginning of 5Ks and then have to walk and then speed by after you pass them at a normal pace until they get tired and walk the rest

Breezy and relatively cool and very sunny but sooo much less windy than the last few days so my hood stays locked on the brim of my hat and I have my own private mobile cabana

Hit some rocks laid out in the shape of the word loo and couldn’t figure out why a person would do that and then realized it must be mile 100 even though we expected it to be in a garden closer to Palm Springs per Grammy Ruthie? Oh well maybe the garden is later

Decided today’s section would be a really nice day hike because there was lots of changing scenery (desert hills with cactus, then hills with bigger leafy plants, then lush cool meadows, then more flat desert, then a stream with nice big trees) and not too much sun or elevation gain

A ranger that looked way more like a cop checked our PCT and fire permits for the first time. Katie’s PCT permit is for two weeks before we started because we couldn’t get the same start date, but she showed all the right local permits (this part is Cleveland National Forest) so I think he was impressed when he couldn’t scold us

Filled water at a spout and cistern that also had an open pack of Oreos? midday and I went ahead to find somewhere to dig a cathole. Hoped there would be space off the dirt road but there were so many no trespassing signs which was sus so I went off the trail in some bushes instead which was a little exposed and scary

We’re a little low on food today (only picked up four bars and two tomatoes in Julian because we’re expecting a box tomorrow in Warner Springs) but it’s okay

Sat at a stream crossing and so many horses came and a man got off his horse and peed right there that super annoying way men do and then we talked about penis envy all the way to Eagle Rock (limited data indicates this is intensified by having a brother)

Eagle rock was big and semi cool but way overcrowded with horse people and annoying hikers. The hikers like silly dirty hooded rats hiding in the shade below the cowboy hat wearing, beer drinking horse people. We took the trail up and back instead of going straight through because I am a purist oh well

Then we hiked fast but felt slow because hot and hungry and tired and trying to get into town. Lots of day hikers in those last few miles and some had flip flops? and looked very very tan. Weekends on trail are fun you get to see so many more types of people

Stopped at community center first at 3:30ish which was awesome. Free clementines and a bucket shower and potable water and bucket laundry and picnic tables and a community garden. Also a hiker box but it was mostly full of OTC pain killers and trash which was sad because we’re looking for snacks. Saw our friends (Madi and Sweet Pea), cooked quinoa and a tiny bit of leftover chili for seasoning and made more protein at the picnic table under the shelter and then sped out of there to catch the gas station before it closed at 5. Walked up the side of the highway in sandals and our carried trail runners and wondered if that was legal as all the cars sped by

Saw the old guy with the glasses for the first time since we passed him the morning of the second day which was nice but surprising because he was slow. How did he catch up?

And then we bought lots of protein cookies and trail mix and wasabi peas and sunflower kernels and Katie got a chocolate protein bar with gelatin in it (why does it have that?) and a creamy coconut popsicle and I got chili lime sun chips and 2! Snickers which was wild because I generally hate snack food so thru hiker hunger is real I guess. The guy we met boarding the plane at JFK came out of the bathroom so we stood outside and chatted and it turns out he’s a firefighter at the station on 6th and Houston which was funny because we used to walk by that station all the time

Madi asked for beer but we didn’t see the message until 5:03 but the gas station guy was really nice and let us come in and buy huge Coronas because so hungry even though they were technically closed and somehow it was only $3 for a beer? Then we packed up and talked to motorcycle people with black and green flame bike

Took the trail back to camp instead of the road. It was uphill at first and the rocks got between my feet and the sandals but my toe blisters didn’t hurt and it was so golden and pretty with views of the surrounding hills and the school bus yard

Wondered when we’ll start hitching like everyone else rather than walking around extra for random stuff and weren’t sure if we ever will because we love the short destination walks and exploring town. Definitely felt more tired today and it was harder to do more miles even though we still roll into camp mid afternoon but might just be the lack of a solid lunch. Tbd.

Mick called for a beer (big beer guy) but the store was closed. Saw him and Wayne when we got to camp which was a huge gravel wash next to the trail surrounded but trees with a stream on one side. Mountains in distance. Bubbling sounds all night like at a Japanese garden. Tents set up everywhere every which way and people sitting or standing in small groups cooking or talking. reminded me of the annual meet up in Nomadland but tents instead of vans.

Finished chips and had beer and a snickers in circle with Oreo (just met, lent us a sit pad to share, cold soaked couscous with pulled pork and olive oil and Frank’s red hot), Zero (also new, came late, cute beard and hat and knew a lot about Mount San Jacinto), Madi, Sweet Pea (burned his beans and it smelled like cigarettes how is that possible), woman from Melbourne with yellow tent and white crocs (always forget her name), and Mick and Wayne. It was pretty warm so I sat in shorts for a while with my filthy feet out. Nice to just hang out and chat. Everyone laughed at my super dumb jokes (if your passport is too heavy just eat it for calories) and I’m not sure why. But it’s nice to have people who want to spend time with you

The sun started to set and it got colder so we walked up trail to pee and brushed our teeth and got in the tent and I wrote this up while Katie went through photos to post on Instagram and then we’re going to watch the FLETCHER podcast maybe


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