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Day 3: In the Twilight Zone

Day 3: In the Twilight Zone

hiker.dykes Apr 25th, 2024
hiker.dykes's 2024 PCT Thru-Hike

Tentsite (39.5) - Tentsite (59.7) | Mileage: 20.2 + 0.9 (To a horse water trough that was the sketchy green water source of the day)

The day was wet and gray and cold and foggy and somewhat surreal and not at all desert. We hiked alone, and besides some quick calls home from an exposed cliff that had service, we didn’t talk much to anyone or each other because the wind was so uncomfortable and loud. We looked for the most protected campsite we could find but didn’t have the time or energy to make it down off the ridge, so we cooked quickly and ate in the tent huddled together wearing all of our clothes. We had chased all day thinking our new friends were ahead, but they must have detoured to resupply at Mount Laguna because they all rolled into camp after us which was a relief but also a bit jarring.

The following was recorded jointly with voice-to-text by iPhone 8 due to the extremely low wind chill and the fact that we were zipped into the same cheap sleeping bag and no longer had access to our arms. The sleeping bag was intended to be unzipped and used as a blanket until our separate and much warmer and very late quilts arrive in Warner Springs, but thank god we’re small enough to squeeze this way too. There is significant unintelligibility which was preserved for historical accuracy.

Just talk really clearly perfect OK can you hold us up Alexey my arms sandwiches food maybe today’s entry should be called mega bag what do you think I think it should be called wind and stressing walking we can so I am transcribing fish with my Santa text Madi is transcribing this with voice to text now what does Maddie want to say on account of the fact that I have no hands because we are sharing a one person sleeping bag on top of a one person sleep pad because it feels like 20° out and we are freezing revenue line line break return

they was the first day that we walked in to camp alone it was kind of an odd day because it was really cold last night and it rained in the wind said woo hoo and I slept late because were scared of going out it’s about time we got up we were the last ones left again and it was foggy and cold and we passed two couples in the morning but after this first few miles we didn’t see anybody else all day that’s pretty hard to talk because the wind was so bad but I mostly just walked in silence how long a long whatever the 1 foot wide single track that went in and out of the shrubbery rush in the trees the first half of the day was kind of late being in an enchanted forest because the mystery so pink and blue and I gave the trees anonymous Dominus feel anonymous oh it’s still pretty hard to believe that were in the desert after we came out of the trees the fog started to lift and we walked along and exposed Ridgeline until when do you have to kind of stagger against then it kept trying to blow Katie‘s hat off and then almost succeeded I had to strap mine to my chest up like a mover loser would and all the sudden we just hit the edge of the world and we are so high above everything and there are mountains and mountains and mountains but we didn’t even have to go up around to get there and there is service I made it feel kind of real want me to stop down in the middle of the trail the sun can you take a few laughs I was eight promax have a bagHe trail mix out of bag the bag who’s poor little more it was cool but a little lonely a little while oh boy here we go

The walking part yeah and then answer the later in the day we still haven’t seen anybody and Manny did really stress the walking really fast and I kept falling behind and walking by myself and thanking about the one Fletcher‘s and review which one Ariz of us fuck no and then we had to filter water and that we went to program home the far of the trail to a really sauce almost at her all edit it and you can send it to me and I’ll edit it and where do I kind of far up the trail you’re really so sick cistern that said not what it is I don’t drink a lot of water filtered anyway and our hands for us and the wind kept blowing and it was miserable and then Maddie carried on stress you are getting to the tent sites and I fell behind again and thought of more pleasure how are you in for that and then we got to the fence area and when was gusting Magus and we try to set up our tent and a blue away and we tried again and it blew away you’re really stressed yeah details just had a picture it’s going on OK can we walk down around the legs bushes and there’s a site that’s like produce a Hidden desert scrubby‘s on two sides and on other side drops of the time is bitten like a water runoff section and there’s like a dirt flat The barely fits are done and so will you take the tent out of the bag and it’s blowing in the wind and we try and stay good and every time we take one side it pulls out because of the wind and another side flaps up like a cake like OK and we basically are honey there’s a hood tent just frantically trying to get it to walk into the ground and it’s not working and then we realize we actually need to rotate it to have the proper angle are you back yet are you back yet

Today felt like I was teasing an invisible destination or baby people but I felt like we were running late due exposed and the same Hills just kept coming and coming and every time we turn in for Nuro think maybe this is the last one but then there is always more and eventually we just decided that and I think that is kind of wet this whole trip will be like and it’s hard to remember that it will go on and on forever

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