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Day 125

Day 125

VeeStamats Aug 30th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

Tim served as the “runner” today, taking off to get an early tent spot while I stayed back and hiked at a normal pace for the remaining 20 miles. Two significant climbs meant amazing views, and Tim snagged a super camp spot amongst the massive bubble of hikers around us.

The climbs were significant, but you learn to rest right before them and just commit to hiking hard for 2 hours and then they are over. I’m getting quite good and getting through them.

Huckleberries and blue berries have been fading, replaced by massive trees that have fallen over significantly obstructing trail. It’s always a fun puzzle piecing together the easiest way up, around, under or through these road blocks.

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