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Day 192

Day 192

Last Call Sep 2nd, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

This was a spectacular day with a big surprise I wasn’t expecting. First, the sunrise over Jo-Mary Lake from Antlers Campsite was just beautiful and really started the day off right. The gusty wind calmed overnight then started picking up again in the morning. So strange how that happens. It’s like the wind went to bed as well. LOL! The hike today was by water most of the time, either a pond, lake or the Nahmakanta River. The surprise was something that was on my trail guide and I completely missed it so I didn’t expect it. Hiking along the trail, I see a sign that says “View of Katadhin.” It pointed towards a clearing to rocks going out into Pemadumcook Lake. I stepped out onto the rocks looking forward and was thinking to myself, “That’s just a hill. Where’s Katadhin?” Then I turned my head to the left and my heart stopped for a beat. Today was such a beautifully clear day that all of Katadhin was perfectly in view all the way up to the summit of Baxter Peak. I could even clearly make out “The Knife’s Edge” going off to the right, which I will NOT be hiking over. After I touch the summit, I just want to get down and go home! I don’t need another adventure of walking such a skinny rock ledge all the way down. The rest of the day, I could have floated across the trail. Seeing that view and having cell signal there to post pictures to friends was so emotional for me, I couldn’t have been happier. I’ve been hiking for 192 days and over 2,100 miles on the Appalachian Trail all the way from Georgia to see that view. And to think, in only four more days, I’ll be standing on top of that mountain touching that A-Frame summit sign and officially becoming an AT Thru-Hiker! It’s almost over. What a journey it has been. I cannot even wrap my brain around all that’s happened. I will definitely need to go thru my journal, pictures and videos just to remember it all.

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