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Day 191

Day 191

Last Call Sep 1st, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

Short and easy day but one of the best! It was a wet, cold start due to all the rain last night but walking around Crawford Pond as the sun was rising gave some nice views of the pond, especially at the outlet we had to cross. There was still a nice pink color to the sky. Sparkle and I got to Jo-Mary Road pretty early so we put our wet shoes and socks out in the sun and warmed ourselves while we waited for our food resupply drop to show up at 11am. This is a logging road so we saw plenty of trucks go by… empty in one direction and full of timber going the other direction. Poet from Shaw’s Hostel showed up almost 30 minutes early and brought us both a complimentary Coke as well. My final resupply of the trip is complete! I left there with a full food bag and all my water bottles full as well. I realized then that this was the heaviest my pack will ever be from now to the end. Feels good! Only 5 days left. The elevation changes today were minuscule and only difficulty was a few tricky water crossings and some muddy sections. The rest of the day was a breeze. I didn’t get to my planned lean-to. Instead, I came across Antlers Campsite and a fellow hiker who already finished told me this is a site to check out so I did. WOW! I’d come back here anytime to camp! It’s absolutely amazing! It’s a massive area with room for a whole plattoon to camp here and it’s almost like a peninsula jutting out into Jo-Mary Lake. I was able to dry everything and also went into the water a bit to wash my socks and now they should dry while hanging on my tent’s guy lines overnight. It’s extremely windy right now so that should help air them out too. They were just nasty since they’ve been soaked multiple times with river crossings and having my sweaty feet in them the whole time. We should have an amazing view of a sunset going behind the lake and mountains as well as a sunrise tomorrow. Sunrise is getting later and later so I’m going to change my alarm from 5am to 5:30am. That should be nice too. Only 5 days to go until I plan to summit. I’m meeting quite a bit of hikers wanting to summit on Tuesday as well as we’re all trying to stay away from Labor Day. Might make it interesting. Only 12 hikers can stay at the birches. If I’m not one of the first 12 at the kiosk to get my name on the list, I may have to find other plans or camp at Abol Bridge and have a full 20 mile day to, up and down Katadhin. We’ll see. Fingers crossed and I’ll make something work.

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