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Day 182

Day 182

Last Call Aug 24th, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I really liked my stealth site last night. I woke up to the expected rain around 1:23am but I was well protected with trees and did a perfect pitch for expecting rain and I didn’t have any problems with splash back. When it was time to pack up at 5am, I noticed the biggest spider I’ve ever seen on this hike and it looked like it was holding a white bundle I can only expect were its babies. Took me forever to shake the spider off so I could pack up the tent. My main goal was to get to the Kennebec River on time so I could cross with the canoe ferry. On the way there, I was surprised to run into Generic. It’s been since NC since we hiked around each other. We got to cross the Kennebec together. After the crossing, we got to enjoy trail magic held by ALDHA (Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association). Nom nom! Hot dogs! After that, Sparkle and I waited by a road where my husband, Jason, pulled up with his co-worker/our friend, Jon. He brought us to an AirBnB house on Pleasant Pond and had packages both me and Sparkle ordered and had shipped to our place. Got new shoes! I really had hoped my last pair would have lasted but New Hampshire really tore them up and the padding was shot. It will be nice having new shoes for the final stretch. My goal to finish is in 2 weeks. So close! We are zeroing here to enjoy Pleasant Pond. I look forward to taking the canoe out tomorrow and resting.

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