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Day 180

Day 180

Last Call Aug 21st, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

I got a late start today since breakfast was served at Maine Roadhouse hostel at 7:00am. Funny that I weighed myself that morning and then decided to weigh myself again after breakfast. I only at 3.6 lbs, I guess. LOL! (It also looks like I had lost 32 lbs by Virginia but I’ve put on 7 lbs since then. I’m happy about that as it looks like it was all muscle as my waist hasn’t gotten any bigger.) I had only planned around 10.6 miles today because there were some big climbs. To start, I went up South Horn, which was pretty steep and a decent view. Then there were the Bigelows. The West Peak was insane because there were swarms of flying ants everywhere! I got my summit peak and then booked it off that 4k mountain. It was a drop and then right to another climb for Bigelow Mtn - Avery Peak. The 360 view from up there was breathtaking and really looked like it was a painted backdrop. It was too beautiful to be real! I could also see all the ski runs on Sugarloaf Mountain in the distance. It was a full celebration on the way down that mountain because it’s the last time I would have to climb a 4,000 foot mountain until the big “Mamma K” herself, Katadhin! I didn’t get to camp until after 5pm and getting here required hiking around house sized boulders and even through a cave to reach the Safford Notch Campsite. It’s a bit out of the way from the AT but it’s a nice site that has the benefit of a privy and it’s just me and Sparkle tenting in the back camping area. A nice girl named Braveheart who we’ve been hiking around showed up to camp closer to the trail but she came back here to have dinner with us. She’s a flip-flopper so she’ll hit 1,000 miles tomorrow and after she summits Katadhin, she has to go back to Harper’s Ferry to then hike southbound towards Springer Mountain in Georgia. I’m so excited to reach Katadhin because that’s it for me. I’ll be done! Only 177.8 miles to go from where I am tonight! I have about 16.5 miles planned tomorrow but the trail elevation is about to become much easier. I’m happy about that.

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