August 8, 2020

August 8, 2020

Zoe Greenhouse Jan 1st, 2021
Zoe Greenhouse's 2020 CT Thru-Hike

Today I didn’t wanna get up. But I did and got going. The first part of the day was very hilly again. Shocker. I leapfrogged some girls we’d seen near Twin Lakes and turns out they were actually really nice. There was a 5 minute hail storm and then I kept going. I passed some really pretty lakes and even had lunch at one. I was daydreaming about all the food I wanted my mom to bring me when I finished. I saw some deer and then finally hit the downhill. It was about 3,000 feet of descent and although it wasn’t easy (very steep and rock scree) it was such a nice change from the grueling uphill. We were hiking along a super pretty river too for a while. And then I hit 400 miles!!! So exciting. Only 85 miles to go. The girls took a picture of me and I took one for them. The rest of the day I was mostly trying to push miles. I was maybe planning to go all the way to Molas Lake which would make my day about 24 miles but once I got to the bottom of the hill and the beginning of the uphill to the lake I decided against it. But I did decide to cowboy camp. Oh and I saw a moose that wasn’t afraid of me. I set up my stuff and had to walk a quarter of a mile there and back for water. I ate fried rice and went to bed. I woke up a few times in the night and saw the stars and that was amazing.

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