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Day 49 - Seldon Pass

Day 49 - Seldon Pass

VeeStamats Jun 14th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

Today’s pass was beautiful and easy. We’ve been spending every free minute we can next to one water source or the next (when we can find those without mosquitos). The rivers and lakes have been stunning, worth every pain and challenge. In total we managed to cover 24 miles today, which is our furthest in the Sierras.

Today we crossed two of the three “major” fords of the Sierras. Both were significantly easier than when I did them in 2016. Back then, both were up to my hips. Now, due to the very low snow year, they were barely above my knees. I was nervous for nothing!

We probably crossed 20-30 other rivers or creeks today but were able to keep our feet dry for all of those, unlike yesterday when we were worried about getting Trench Foot due to all the snow.

I started to get nostalgic and sad about leaving the sierras soon, again. They have provided so much beauty, tranquility, motivation, and challenge in my life; it’s hard to say good bye so soon.

We plan to get to an exit junction to head to Mammoth in two days, so we are pushing big miles again tomorrow to have almost 2 zero days in town. We are very excited and ready to relax.

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TWK125 Jun 17th, 2022

You don’t know how much joy you bring to us seeing how happy you guys are doing what you love ! Carpe Diem ❤️❤️