August 2, 2020

August 2, 2020

Zoe Greenhouse Jan 1st, 2021
Zoe Greenhouse's 2020 CT Thru-Hike

Today we walked a whopping 2 miles. We started out the morning by going back into Saguache and continuing to charge. When our stuff was FINALLY charged, my mom drove us back to the trail. She hiked with us for about half a mile and then we hiked on another 1.5 miles. It rained for a second and then stopped. That’s Colorado weather. The saying is “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.” It’s true. We made camp at about 3 and hung out. It was so nice to make camp early and chill out. We made pancakes and they didn’t actually turn out too bad because my mom brought us just add water pancakes. We found one of the guys we had camped with on like day 2 or three and hadn’t seen since. It’s funny how the trail works like that.

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