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Day 44 - Forester Pass

Day 44 - Forester Pass

VeeStamats Jun 9th, 2022
Mr. Clean's 2022 PCT Thru-Hike

My second time up Forester pass was 4x easier—in reverse, no snow, a shorter climb, and leading the pack of hikers behind me making it to the pass by 7:30 am. What a climb!

The views of the sierras were unmatched. The drama of the jagged granite peaks, the aquamarine alpine lakes, the flowing rivers, and lush meadows, make this landscape unbeatable in beauty.

We got two hitches down from Kearsarge pass to our resupply in Bishop today, resulting in a lovely bread delivery truck driver taking pity on us and driving us the 50 minutes north of Independence to the far cooler trail town. We sat “loose” in the back, on bread crates.

The altitude has definitely reduced my appetite, but it returned as soon as we descended below 8000 so I’m about to get the biggest burger and basket of fries you’ve ever seen!

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