July 28, 2020

July 28, 2020

Zoe Greenhouse Jan 1st, 2021
Zoe Greenhouse's 2020 CT Thru-Hike

Today we woke up early, like 6ish, and packed up and headed out. We had somewhere to get! We hiked an uneventful 10 miles on not very much food. Hunger hiker is starting to really kick in and I didn’t pack enough for it. We finally got to the hot springs and immediately bought pizza and ice cream. The pizza was heaven. The ice cream had freezer burn but was still ok. We plugged stuff in and I called my friend and talked to her for a bit. We hung out for a couple hours and then my mom arrived with my friends who had just finished the CT. We got some things from my mom that we’d asked for and hung out with my friends. They went to the river and my mom and I went to the hot springs. It was hot but very nice and relaxing and I went back and forth between there and the cold river. We talked and it was great to catch up after not seeing her for a couple weeks. Then it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and then hazel and I walked about two miles to the nearest campsite and made camp.

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