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Day 31

Day 31

Matt Poole (House) May 7th, 2022
House's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

18 miles

Again its pouring rain this morning so we decide to sleep in a bit. We have some solid hiking legs by this point so we can start a bit later and still get 18 miles in by 5 pm.

We walked down the road probably a mile in the pouring rain before someone finally gives us a ride. Her name is Annie and she is the nicest lady. She drives us to the trail head and as we are leaving she offers us one of her cabins to stay in if we change our minds. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was to turn her down. I definitely would have taken her up on it if I were by myself but the trail family decides other wise.

It rains on us most of the day. It’s too hot for me to hike in my rain jacket so I just hike in the cool rain instead. I’ll be wet either way, from the sweat or the rain so I’d rather be cool from the rain. It’s getting colder and colder as we get closer to the shelter. Finally we arrive and it’s already filled to the brim. Damnit. Was hoping to sleep in there tonight so I didn’t have to set all my stuff up in the cold and rain. Nothing I can do about it. It’s an early bedtime for us tonight as it’s too cold to sit around and bs. It’s much warmer in my sleeping bag. Short day tomorrow to get to Boots Off Hostel for a nero.

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