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Day 27

Day 27

Matt Poole (House) May 3rd, 2022
House's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

0 Miles

Zero day today in Erwin because we got in early and set a new PR so I think we deserve it. Had to get a hotel room at the super 8 who had a hiker discount because everywhere else is full. I think we’ve caught up to another bubble of hikers because we are moving faster than most people. We’ve caught up to a group called Manny and The Boys. They’re some of my favorite people so far. Besides Manny, their is Ryan, Pocket Aces, and Crazy Eyes. The hike in a line all day and bullshit for hours. They are absolutely hilarious so I’m glad we’ve caught up.

Typical town day today, food, resupply, laundry, beer, food, and more beer. Erwin is a great little town. Spread out along along an interstate, they have older colonial style homes with big yards, front and back. The people are sweet and the food is good. We took a 12 pack down to the river where we hung out and cooled off until it was time to go to Trivia Night at the local brewery. There where about 40 people participating and our group consisted of Max, Two Tone and I paired with Manny and Boys. Believe it or not but our younger group of misfit hikers actually came in second place! Only to be beaten by a larger group of older locals. It was a great time and we won a free round of drinks.

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