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Day 70

Day 70

Last Call May 3rd, 2022
Last Call's 2022 AT Thru-Hike

It was another hot, sunny, rocky, buggy day of just hiking through the woods. No epic scenery today but there was plenty of variety so the trail itself was the scenery. Man, was it hot and again it was a very dry section with what water sources you came to were barely a trickle and very difficult to collect. I would have loved to dunk my shirt to wear it wet for evaporative cooling but there weren’t that many chances to do it. It might have been a mistake for making my summer shirt a sleeveless shirt. I figured I was going to get a lot of sun, so I might as well tan as much of me as I can. Gonna have some funny tan lines anyway. Well, my shoulders are burnt to a crisp. They’re peeling now after the first burn but they’re already red again. I usually only burn once, peel and then only tan but I guess walking in the sun all day was more than my shoulders could handle. Sooner or later, it should become a base tan and then I’ll just keep darkening. I hiked as far as I could today but there’s an almost 2,000 ft climb right ahead of me over the creek I’m camped next to and I wasn’t ready to tackle that with only a couple hours of daylight left. Tomorrow is going to be a seriously long day with big miles. Next two days, really. I’m pushing hard only because I want to get through the VA Triple Crown before the weekend tourist crowds show up. I also want to be in Daleville by Friday so I can get a haircut. I want it cut as short as possible. Easier to deal with and cooler in the heat. Tomorrow. I will be passing by Keffer Oak, the largest oak tree along the AT, as well as some nice views. Until then!

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