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Day 195

Day 195

Gold Rush Sep 17th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

9/16/21 Poured rain last night but my morning it had stopped and was cold and foggy. Left the shelter and climbed about 1,400 feet to the summit of White Cap Mountain (3,650 ft). Sun was coming out and views to Katahdin were seen. Remainder of the days weather was excellent. Climbed several small peaks after descending White Cap which had no views. These included Hay Mountain, West Peak and Gulf Hagas Mountain. Saw some grouse. Got to Carl Newhall Lean-to by 12:30 PM. It had only been 7.2 miles. Had lunch and Mark arrived. Needed to get more miles in because of the wedding. Mark declined as he was tired. Explained I had a deadline and had to keep going. Exchanged phone # and I hiked rather easy trail down hill or flat for 8 miles. Saw Platinum heading north slack packing from SHAWs. She started the same day I did. Forded the wide but shallow West Branch Pleasant River. Getting dark so I stealth camped at site on Guthook noted on comments at nice spot.

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