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Gold Rush Sep 11th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

9/9/21 Awoke in the morning at the Katahdin Springs campground lean-to with barb and Mark. It was drizzling. Hung out until around 930 and started the 9.8 mile walk to Abol bridge. Hiking was easy but I was quite anxious as I had no plans how to tackle the hundred mile wilderness in the further miles that I need to complete in Maine. Passed by Grassy and Daicey Ponds and then little and big niagara Falls. Saw some NOBO hikers including Howdy I had last seen in the Harper’s Ferry Area. Then started to pour as we officially left the park and got to the store where other NOBO hikers were waiting under cover to stay out of the rain. We waited for our shuttle driver from the Hostel to pick us up and take us back. Barb and I met with Cody who was quite helpful and made a plan on how to get through the hundred mile wilderness with a food drop. Basically this means I arrange food to be put in a bucket that they will place in a designated spot and I will pick it up so I don’t have to carry 8 days of food. Much anxiety decreased after plans made.

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