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Gold Rush Sep 11th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

9/11/21 Well decided to start entering stuff in the log. Left hostel at 6:00 AM. Said goodbye to Barb. She was so helpful in arranging food and reassurance in setting up SOBO thru the hundred mile wilderness. Dropped 3 hikers who were starting SOBO at Katahdin Stream campground. One had just finished the CDT and now wants to complete AT in like one hundred days. Oh to be young again I can only dream. Had to wait to get into the park due to huge line most won’t be able to get in. Baxter has it’s rules. Saw my first hopefully not my last Moose from the shuttle van in a pond sticking her head in eating aquatic vegetation. Hiked with Mark who we met at the hostel. He is 62 yo and completed a NOBO in 2017. He doesn’t have his trail legs and gets short of breath easily when going up hill. I led the way and waited for him. Saw hikers at Katahdin stream I had hiked with previously in Virginia with Piper getting ready to Summit including Wendys. She had called the hostel wanting a Wendy’s hamburger to eat at the summit. Cody from the hostel was going to Bangor and brought her one. What a picture that will be Wendy eating a Wendy’s hamburger at the summit and end of the journey. Hike was easy mostly flat with the usual rocks and tree roots. Went farther than planned to get to the dam at rainbow lake which has a beautiful view of Katahdin. Crisp beautiful weather and camped at the small dam at the end of rainbow lake.13.4 miles and only 1,932 feet elevation gain.

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