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Day 181

Day 181

Gold Rush Sep 3rd, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

8/30/21 Cloudy, misty day with 2 rain showers.Climbed Carter-Moriah trail which wasn’t as difficult as I recall. Hiked all the Carter’s including 2 four thousand footers with Carter Dome (4,832 feet) and Middle Carter (4,610 feet). Clearing skies and took the short biomass to get my last 4,000 footer on the AT Mount Moriah (4,069 ft) just after sunset. Went down Rattle River Trail and stealth cowboy camped. 13.05 miles with 3,645 ft up and 5,568 feet down

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Comments (1)

cummilau Sep 6th, 2021

Your photos are stunning- fantastic views. Love the ones above the treeline. What mile are you at?