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Day 176

Day 176

Gold Rush Aug 29th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

8/26/21 Hiked down the rest of Ethan Pond Trail to cross US Route 302 and onto Webster Cliff Trail. I had avoided hiking this before because I heard it was scary(near the edge). It really wasn’t near the edge one couldn’t fall to their death but it was amazingly rugged and steep and for me one of the most difficult trails I have ever hiked. Numerous fabulous views made it more like able. Seemed like a never ending climb to the top of Mount Webster (3,910 ft). It was a 2,700 ft climb. Then on familiar hiking territory hiking to the summits of Mount Jackson(4052 ft). Briefly stopped at Mitzpah hut got a snack and than to Mount Pierce(4,310). Got on Crawford Path headed towards Mount Eisenhower didn’t have the time to take the loop path up it. Past Mount Monroe and again didn’t take the loop to summit it as it was late and zi had a reservation at Lake or the Clouds Hut. Got there about 6:45 PM and got dinner. Wasn’t too crowded heard the naturalist talk about plants in the mountain zone. Wasn’t too good and crashed early. 14.4 miles and 5,326 feet elevation gain.

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