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Day 176

Day 176

Gold Rush Aug 29th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

8/25/21 Hiked from Garfield Ridge Campsite down and across to Galehead hut. Weather Was sunny and quite warm. I had done the same hike with piper last year working on her 48 and it was quite difficult but going this way was much easier. Stopped at the hut to get some snacks and continued on climbing 1,100 feet in 0.8 miles to o amazing South Twin Mountain(4,902 miles) I had hike dthis in the past working on Lolas 48 and this time it was much easier even wearing a full backpack because I’m in much better shape. I’ve noticed that there Weren’t nearly as many hikers doing the Pemi loop as there was in the past there’s still people trying to do the Pammy loop all within 24 hours which I think is crazy and these people that can do it are amazing athletes. From there I was now on the Twinway(AT)And broke through on to tree line. I had never hiked this portion of the Twinway and as usual the views were spectacular looking across the Pemigasett Wildernesses especially towards the Franconia ridge. I didn’t go to the bonds which is what I’ve done in the past this time heading towards Mount Zealand but I didn’t take the spur trail to the peak. I had to stop at Zeacliff with it’s amazing views initially being the only one there.It look like they put a new bog bridges which were desperately needed.Hiked past Zealand Falls onto the Ethan Pond trail(AT) which I had never hiked before and initially the trail was perfect smooth and flat with occasional rocky areas from previous rock slides. The trail then became bog bridges many were rotten. Went by some hikers than were stealth camping which is what I should have done but continued onto Ethan Pond Shelter. It was now dark maybe 9:30 PM. No available campsites that I could see in the dark so again cowboy camped. Total 15 miles hiked with 3,035 feet elevation gained and 4,188 feet descended,

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