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Day 136

Day 136

Gold Rush Jul 20th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

7/17/21 I felt exhausted the whole day and had a hard time hiking. I went through the lemon squeezer which wasn’t a problem. Had to take my backpack off and handed it to another hiker ahead of me and then put it back on. Again hot and humid weather really slowed me down. Severe thunderstorms were predicted so I stopped at the William Brian memorial shelter. This was an old Stone Shelter with some wooden bunks. Per gut hook there were some rattlesnakes presumed living in the shelter but I never saw any. Initially I was the only one there been a weekend backpacker from New York City arrived and it looked like a big storm was coming but never materialized. A thru hiker arrived who I never met before his name escapes me. He told me he was getting off trail tomorrow for good because he was getting terrible chafing throughout his body. His rashes were quite extensive and I felt bad for him although he had a good outlook on things. He was from Blacksburg Virginia. Later that evening the thunderstorms predicted came in with heavy rain and wind. Several young through hikers came into the shelter soaked.

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