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Day 96

Day 96

Chris-and-Rick Jul 17th, 2021
Chris-and-Rick's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

July 17, 2021 PCT miles 1947.8 - 1976.2 PCT miles 28.4

We slept in a bit today because we knew Elk Lake Restaurant wasn’t open until 9:00 for breakfast. We arrived about 8:00 and sat watching more fat squirrels playing along the lake and swallows on their nest on the beam above us. We were the first in line for breakfast! It was delicious! However, the waitress informed us that the bar (!) was open, but that ice cream wasn’t available until 11:00. What?!? Rick was upset that cocktails were available for breakfast, but milkshakes were not.

The resort is popular with families from Bend and we were there on a Saturday, so it was getting crowded fast. We left soon after breakfast and ran into Chai and Workhorse coming into the resort. They said they were picking up resupply and would try to meet us up trail.

Hiking was easy and we made it to a lovely campsite above a creek. After we set up our tent, Chai and Workhorse showed up and camped nearby. We chatted and learned they planned to exit the trail at the next road junction and head to Sisters. Their son will pick them up and drive them to Cascade Locks (the beginning of the Washington section). The remainder of Oregon is a bit of a logistical nightmare due to the closed section of the PCT. Exit and re-joining is not simple and requires bussing and hotel/hostel stays.

We are sorry to hear about the closed section ahead because the hike today was beautiful - again - past fields of wildflowers and streams and views of Mt. Jefferson in the distance. We have heard that part of the closed section is the most lovely PCT section in Oregon. Perhaps we will return one day.

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