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Day 128

Day 128

Gold Rush Jul 12th, 2021
Fir Wave's 2021 AT Thru-Hike

7/11/21 Rained overnight but had stopped when we got up. Climbed on the ridge which was quite nice. Weather was nice not hot brief period of drizzling. Saw a few thru hikers. Reviewed some plant and tree species which he didn’t know. Finally something I knew which he didn’t. He had been to much of this area before. Passed over Sunrise Mountain and went into High Point State Park and reached his car. He drove a short distance in the park and showed me the Veterans Memorial which was on the highest point in NJ. Drove to an excellent Mexican restaurant and he drove me to a supermarket where I resupplied.He gave me a new fuel canister and some food. It was nearly dark and we said our goodbyes as he was going home and I was to continue my journey.It was great spending a few days in the mountains with him. He is a good guy and hard for me to say goodbye. I hiked in the dark about 1.5 miles to the High Point Shelter. Ridge Runner camping there and caught me before I crossed a bridge which had a wasp nest on it so I walked around it. It was difficult in the dark. Surprisingly shelter had lots of people so set up my tent.It then rained overnight.

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