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Day 56--From King's River and Tentsite to Tentsite Near Big Pete's Meadow

Day 56--From King's River and Tentsite to Tentsite Near Big Pete's Meadow

Otter's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Written Monday, 14 June 2021

I did sleep well last night, even with all the mosquitoes plotting my murder, just outside. The night turned quite chilly, and that drove off the mosquitoes at some point.

I even slept in a little after yesterday's bad day, and I feel a lot better today. Luckily, with the morning chill, the mosquitoes haven't yet retuned as we break camp.

We hike a mile or so up the Trail to a sunny spot for breakfast (Anchor, Baewatch, the Colonel, and me), but by now the mosquitoes are on to us, and we don't linger.

Today's featured climb is Mather Pass, and it turns out to be a lot easier than either of the passes we crossed yesterday. Plus there are beautiful views into the valley on the other side.

Most of the afternoon is spent following the middle fork of the King's river down into the deep valley, back down below the treeline and through a forest of tall evergreens. Stunning.

Late in the day, I find a nice spot near Big Pete's Meadow (just beyond Little Pete's Meadow, of course) and decide to camp there. Most important selection criterion: not enough mosquitoes to drain me dry overnight.

Brandon, the hiker whom I terrified on the way into Julian when I went flying off the Trail into a giant bush, joins me at dusk, and we catch up with each other's hiked. He's a pretty smart guy who lives for adventure.

At bedtime, Brandon put up his tent, but I just goop up my face and beard with DEET, pull my quilt over me, and dare the mosquitoes to do their worst.

I'm dry and warm tonight. We'll have to wait until morning to see if I'm safe...

Miles Hiked Today: 20.9 Total Miles Hiked: 832.6

Sea Otter Fact of the Day:. Sea otters prefer to hunt in waters that are 20 to 50 feet deep

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Comments (2)

Thank you, Mr. Lee! Please give my best to Mrs. Lee and all the kids (and grandkids!)

letmonlee Jul 6th, 2021

Keep going and stay safe and healthy.