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Day 55--Campsite South of Glen Pass to King's River and Tent Site

Day 55--Campsite South of Glen Pass to King's River and Tent Site

Otter's 2021 PCT Thru-Hike

Written Sunday, 13 June 2021

The less said about today, the better.

Even though I was camped just south of Glen Pass and had only about 1,100 yo 1,200 feet to climb to get over the pass, it took me forever. The path was very steep and very rocky, and my pace was very slow.

The north side of the pass was equally steep and rocky. It took me a second forever to descend to the Rae Lakes, which are breathtakingly beautiful. Unfortunately, I was in such a grouchy mood I didn't really appreciate them properly.

For some reason, the early morning difficulties colored the rest of the day for me. I couldn't find any rhythm all day, and even a good lunch break didn't cure my blues.

The afternoon consisted of a long, terribly slow climb up over Pinchot Pass.

Pinchot Pass is named after Gifford Pinchot, Teddy Roosevelt's first Forest Service chief, not Bronson Pinchot, the star of the late-80s comedy TV series, Perfect Strangers.

Even at the top of the pass, I was struggling. The path itself wasn't too bad. I am just having one of those days.

It takes me hours more to get to where Colonel Sanders, Baewatch, and Anchor are camped for the night, and when I arrive, I am immediately attacked by 10 million mosquitoes. This may be a conservative estimate. Apparently, while we have been relaxing in Bishop, the spring mosquitoes have awakened.

And they are hungry.

I can't get my tent up fast enough to escape at least a thousand bites. This did not help my mood at all.

So, here I am, safe, dry, and warm in my tent, in a foul mood, but I can hear those bastard mosquitoes outside, plotting.

Wish me luck...

Miles Hiked Today: 21.7 Total Miles Hiked: 811.7

Sea Otter Fact of the Day: When boating in sea otter territory, you should maintain at least 5 kayak lengths from any sea otters you encounter, so as to not disturb them (and cause them to burn additional energy).

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