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Day 1

Day 1

Copter Jun 26th, 2021
copter's 2021 CT Thru-Hike

Well I’m certainly not in California anymore… I got a taste of monsoon weather with some light afternoon drizzling followed by a fast downpour and now relentless rain. I hid under a bridge for a while but decided to just suck it up and pitch my tent, and now there are many wet things in my possession. But it’s ok! I finished all of segment 1 today and I’m a happy camper. I saw some bighorn sheep, met a bunch of other ct hikers, and ate a great blueberry muffin that I got from Whole Foods yesterday. 470 miles to go~

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Forrest Gump Jul 6th, 2021

You should know I just had a week of monsoon hail thunderstorms. And I’m in California lol